Licia Albanese at 37th Gala Concert 2011 Poster designed by Gregory Downer

» Directions to West Point

Photo: © Steve J. Sherman
The Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundation 38th Annual Gala Concert 2012
The Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundation's Annual International Vocal Competition is open to men and women 21-35 years of age of any nationality. It takes place in April and there is no fee to enter the competition.
The Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundation’s Annual International Vocal Competition is regarded as a major American competition requiring the highest standard of vocal performance. Since 1974 our organization has given awards to hundreds of young singers, and many of whom have since risen to international stardom. The winners are presented in New York City at the foundation's annual gala event in October of the same year. Prizes ranging from $1,000 to $12,500, totaling more than $50,000, are given to winners in 7 categories, each of which may have multiple winners.

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